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Home Page > New Philiatelic Issue February 2022 > Waterfalls in Israel - En Avdat Waterfall

Waterfalls in Israel - En Avdat Waterfall

Waterfalls in Israel - En Avdat Waterfall

Waterfalls in Israel - En Avdat Waterfall

Israel has meager natural water sources, but also a number of unpretentious, beautiful waterfalls.

When compared with waterfalls around the world, those in Israel are no more than a gentle trickle of water falling from rocky terraces, but they are vibrant and heartwarming, and each attracts many visitors.

The highest waterfall in Israel is in the Kedem Stream, a seasonal stream in the Judean Desert that only flows during short periods of flooding. When flooded, the Kedem Stream waterfall falls from a height of 330 meters.

En Avdat Waterfall

En Avdat Waterfall is a perennial waterfall located in the En Avdat Nature Reserve, and is 15 meters high. When flooded, it gushes mightily, while at other times the water flows calmly over the stone cliff.

The water gathers into a large rock pool and from there flows down Zin River, through a deep, spectacular canyon.

En Avdat Nature Reserve is to the south of the Ben Gurion educational center in the Negev Desert. Three springs along the Zin River canyon feed the tributary that flows year round, creating a magical oasis, which is also home to an abundance of desert animals.

Herds of ibex live on the cliffs surrounding the water source and its rich vegetation, vultures also nest in the cliffs and caves carved into the canyon walls are evidence of Byzantine monks who came here for periods of seclusion.

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