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Easypark - Electronic Parking Card

Easypark - Electronic Parking Card

Easy Park is a national electronic parking card that offers a comprehensive, convenient and easy to use solution.
The card uses advanced miniaturized technology, and contains the various rates and codes for all the cities in Israel.

Using Easy Park provides numerous benefits compared to other parking payment methods:

Payment only for the actual amount of time parked if you parked only 15 minutes, the card charges you for 15 minutes. With scratch-cards, parking meters and parking lots, there is always change left over that cannot be used at a later date.
The card is easy and simple to use. No need to scratch, look for small change, and calculate the required parking time.
Card can be reloaded independently, quickly and easily, with sums ranging from 20 NIS to 300 NIS. Reloading is performed in a network of gas stations and postal branches.
No more parking tickets Easy Card is the size of a credit card, is comfortable to carry and can be loaded with sums that are sufficient for several months.
You only put in enough money for an hours parking? Its OK, you dont have to run back to the car for another parking card, you no longer need to find a kiosk selling parking cards, and you no longer need to take a risk and hope that the parking inspector will not come around in the next half hour.
The card also records and tracks card usage so that if you do get a parking ticket, you can prove that you paid.
Easy Park card is battery operated using a battery specially customized for the card, with a long life of between 6 month to a year (depending on the frequency of battery use).

Easy Park is the franchiser of the Local Government Economic Services company and is recognized by local authorities.
Cat No.:42712

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