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You can pay your bills at any  post office, without commission,   in cash or by check  from any bank, and in certain cases with a credit card , all according to the specifications set by the beneficiary.

You may also pay your bills,  without commission , via the Israel Post website by  credit card if the beneficiary is listed on the payment website. 

We wish to note several changes in the bills payment system as of February 2006.

According to the instructions of the Bank of Israel, as of 21.2.2006, the definition of a banking business day will change.
From this date on, a banking business day in the Israeli banking system will end as follows:
Sundays to Thursdays: At 18:30
Fridays and holiday eves: At 14:00

Payments that will be entered into the Postal Bank’s register after the end of the business day will be considered and calculated as having been paid on the next business day.

For your convenience, the Postal Bank enables you to execute payments to VAT, Income Tax and National Insurance as of the 1st of the month and until the 14th of the month using a postdated check for the last payment date on the same month. Please utilize this service in order to avoid missing the last payment date, and avoid fees and charges. Business envelopes for payments of VAT, Income Tax and National Insurance will only be accepted for handling until the 14th of the month.
 Deferred Payments

 New at Israel Post!

From now on at Israel Post, you can pay your monthly bills all at once, with a post-dated check, and forget about payments until the following month.

The service is simple and easy. Just come to any postal branch with all the monthly bills that need paying – municipal property tax, electricity, gas, etc. Write a separate post-dated check for each payment slip – for the last date of payment, receive a "paid" stamp on all the bills, and in just one visit you can pay all your bills!

Here are some of the many advantages:

  • You can write the check for the last date noted on the payment slip.
  • Effective, fast, and convenient service.
  • Enables deferred payment of a variety of bills in one visit to the Postal Bank.
  • Helps ensure that you pay your bills on time.


  • The date on the check must be at least three business days ahead.
  • You cannot write a check for a date later than the final payment date.
  • The service is offered for beneficiaries that permit payment by check.
  • The service is offered for bills that can be paid at the Postal Bank.
How Much Does it Cost?
The service is provided without a teller’s fee!  
Additional Information
For detailed information, see the Postal Guide (Hebrew)
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