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“POST 24” - fast delivery in Israel
A service that allows fast delivery of letters to your business associates, customers and suppliers.
With the “POST 24” service, a letter will reach the recipient’s mailbox on the next working day on which there is mail distribution, following the day it was posted.
The service is provided at an economical price of only NIS 4.30 and a price of NIS 2.21 when sending more than 1,000 letters (for a letter of up to 50 grams).
In addition, reduced postage rates will be given via franking (pre-paid postage) machines or when purchasing stamped POST 24 envelopes from an automated machine. To view the POST 24 price list, including rates for franking machines/stamped envelopes purchased from an automated machine, click here.
For your convenience, you can purchase here on the website, and at all post office branches, stamped envelopes for POST 24 mailing.
You can obtain them in packs of 5 envelopes and 25 envelopes, and you can also purchase a single envelope at any post office branch.
You can purchase two different sizes of envelope:
The maximum dimensions:
For mailing “POST 24” up to 50 grams, the envelope is 23.7 x 16 cm, 5 mm thick.
For mailing “POST 24” up to 500 grams, the envelope is 34 x 24 cm, 20 mm thick.

How do you use the “POST 24” service?
Go into any post office branch before 16:00, buy a service envelope or send in one of the “POST 24” envelopes you purchased in advance, and the letter will reach the recipient’s mailbox on the working day on which there is distribution of mail, following the day of posting.
At units where the mail collection time is earlier, the deadline for posting is up to half an hour before mail collection from that unit.
Please note that letters received on a Thursday for posting will be delivered to the recipient starting from Sunday.
Price calculator
For information or calculation of prices as per weight category, please click on: "Calculator", then choose "24", Click on "Search" button, without specifying weight or quantity.

More information
The service is available nationwide
The Service Quality Standard of POST 24
The Israel Post Company delivers approximately 2,500,000 items of post from about 4500 collection points to approximately 2,000,000 recipients. As with any logistics service based on manual labor, and certainly in organizations operating at such volume, there is no absolute certainty of compliance with the promised terms and there is a certain rate of deviation from the service standard.
The service quality standard of “POST 24” stands at a delivery rate of 92% of the postage items on the working day following the day of postage and a cumulative rate of 100% of the postage items within two working days. In cases where the posted “POST 24” items is addressed to a settlement that does not have its own Post Office, it is possible that delivery of the posted item will take an additional working day. All posted items are subject to the terms of postage set out on the company’s website (date and time of posting, the weight of the postage item, the place of posting and the postal destination).
The responsibility of Israel Post for a postal item is in accordance with the Postal Law 1986 and the regulations made under its provisions. According to Article 78 of the Postal Law, the Post Office Company is not liable for damage caused by delay in delivery of a posted item.
In cases where Israel Post does not meet the quality standard of the “POST 24” service, the cost of postage will be returned to the sender at his or her request.
Please note: In cases where Israel Post has not met the “POST 24” service standard, and on condition that the sender applied up to 14 days from the date of posting, the postage fee will be returned to him or to her.
The rates include VAT.


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